Blogging… Here I come!

Blogging… Here I come!

In one of the Friends episode, Phoebe says: ‘Well, if you must know I have written 14 books. And as I am the only one who has read them, I can tell you that they all have been very well received.’ I can relate to her as since I was at primary school I loved writing books and I was the only person who read them. Writing diaries wasn’t my thing, I was getting bored after a couple of entries. Books on the other hand were a whole different story; I had full control of the plot, I could create protagonists, be in charge of turn of events, describe amazing locations and many more! The thought of having a blog was always at the back of my head. As a kid it was a place to store my stories, but it didn’t last too long – I was a far too energetic kid and spent most of my early childhood with boys playing football and swimming, I also picked up different hobbies on the way: I love singing (though singing doesn’t like me), I had a long romance with painting, Zumba (forever) so on and so forth! I dropped the idea of a blog or writing for many, many years.

A big move

In 2015 I moved to the United Kingdom and this was a turning point in my life – you can read more about it in my about section. Sometimes I find myself as a person who likes her comfort zone and doesn’t take risk. Nowadays, you can see so many people on social media who create and show this adventurous life that each one of us, or at least most of us, would love to have. We often forget what kind of decisions and sacrifices they had to make or what they need to do below this social media surface to make it happen. When I spend too much time watching others travel and work, I catch myself thinking that I should demand more from myself, push myself more or be better. And then I have to remind myself that I am a 30 year old woman who 5 years ago moved out to a completely new country, on her own, without any family or close friends. It’s ok to be different from others, to set our own goals and how we want to achieve them. This is what makes us unique. We are all strong in our best way. If you are looking for a person who leads this amazing instalife that you envy, you are not going to find it here…

What can you find here?

The content of this blog is devoted to my passion for travelling, to share with you my trips, show some places you may not have a chance to visit or you can revisit through my stories, to give you useful tips and hints. Moreover, as I live abroad, I will share with you some of my stories, what made me move to the UK, where I am now and what it is like to live where I am. Last but not least, I will share with you my other hobby which my sister and I inherited from our mum and grandma – baking and cooking. The main trigger to finally make this blog happen was hearing my friends love my little and big trips, they enjoy my photos and places I choose.

Hope you will join me in this new journey that has no fixed destination. Stay with me and enjoy this blogging adventure and let’s see together where it’s going to take us!

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