Amsterdam for a weekend

Famous canal houses

I’m slowly starting to plan my travels for the upcoming months, but at the same time, I’m travelling through my memories to the ones I’ve already had. Especially now that the weather doesn’t spoil us in England, I keep thinking about my weekend in Amsterdam in March 2018. What a month it was! The “Beast from the East” was about to hit England, bringing cold and heavy snow. Unfortunately, in continental Europe it wasn’t better…

Below the sea level…

My colleague, who is Dutch, gave me a useful piece of advice to prepare well for this trip, because the temperature is much lower than the thermometer shows. I thought to myself that I am from Poland, so the frost and winter are not entirely unusual for me, and since the temperature is only about zero, I will not freeze – I could not be more wrong. Due to a long queue to defrost our plane, we landed in Amsterdam in the middle of the night. Believe me or not, but I still remember my shock, when the temperature felt like below twenty degrees, and the mercilessly cold and strong wind froze my cheeks within a blink of an eye. 

A hanging bike at the food market (Foodhallen)

Mind the bikes!

The Netherlands is famous for windmills and tulips, but also bikes – this is the main means of transport for local people (and the prices of bicycles often compete with those for cars!) My first rapid contact with a bike happened very quickly, when my Uber driver stopped next to my hotel, I stepped out of the car and without a warning got straight into the bicycle path. Ironically, it was me, the one who always screams at friends when they set a foot on the bicycle path for even a second! Despite the late hour, the cyclist managed to manoeuvre to avoid me, leaving me with some naughty comments in Dutch. I was then quickly made aware that there is a separate bicycle path between the street and the pavement. A quick lesson – in Amsterdam cyclists always have priority. 

I have always wanted explore this city, to discover those lovely paths that run along the famous canals and to feel the vibe of this place. And yet I must admit that I had no fixed plans or expectations for this trip. Simply, I allowed myself to follow many different paths on the way to few destinations that I wanted to see. I have prepared for you some shots from this frosty weekend, which made my pictures look like from the 80’s. 


Amsterdam is a city with a characteristic architecture which is represented by tall, colourful houses with huge windows. They can usually be found along the many canals. More and more the current Amsterdam is a place of contemporary projects, such as the Eye Film Museum located right by the river. It’s worthwhile to go there and visit its interiors, see current exhibitions or just enjoy a delicious coffee in a beautiful place.

Back to the past
Bike parking space
Trying a Dutch cheese is a must in the Netherlands
Rijksmuseum Research Library
People ice skating on the frozen canal

I hope that soon I will have an opportunity to return to the Netherlands and fulfil my plan of 3 cities that is The Hague, Rotterdam and again Amsterdam.

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