My place, my second home… London

Elizabeth Tower and The House of Parliament

A multicultural city, a mixture of everything and nothing. For some people a “must see”, for others “never ever”. For me it’s a second home where I feel good and I know that everyone, if they want, will find a place for themselves here. When I tell my friends about London I describe it as a bottomless sack – no matter how much you see in it, there is always something new.  

London Guide by NCroissant

This is the city I wanted to live in and so I did. I loved it from the first sight. There is so much beauty in this place and at the same time a lot of naturalistic places, but worth seeing. Exploring is not only about perfection that can be shown on social media. Apart from my travels, I want my blog to be a guide to London through which I can share with you a different faces of this city, including touristic spots that everyone wants to see, as well as less famous places that may not be mentioned in the other guides.

Day One in London

For a start I have prepared a plan for one day or, if you prefer, the first day in London. It will be an expedition prepared for those who haven’t been in this city yet, but those who know it will also find some useful bits for themselves. My sightseeing is mainly on foot and in this plan I will also give handy tips on where to eat, drink or buy souvenirs. My guide “Day One in London” will contain a lot of details and photos, so I split it into two entries. The first one will appear this Sunday afternoon!

In the first part you will find information about Trafalgar Sq, The Mall with Buckingham Palace as well as government buildings, Westminster and London Eye. The second post will mainly focus on Thames Path and its surroundings. Watch this space on Sunday afternoon!

It鈥檚 me taking a picture of St Paul鈥檚 Cathedral

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