Peak District for a weekend

The Peak District National Park is a great place for a weekend getaway. I don’t know about you, but I missed the opportunity to explore and discover new places. A few days away from Watford? You don’t have to ask me twice! 

England is a wonderful country that has so much to offer. I often hear from my friends that there are no mountains here. Yes, they may not be the Alps, but you can definitely go trekking, and find out that nature here is simply enchanting. 

First of all I would like to warn those who, like me, think that Peak District can be done in two days… some of it yes, but you鈥檒l definitely have to come back. The National Park is so big that you could easily spend a week walking in the mountains and visiting charming villages. Also, a word of advice, take trekking shoes instead of normal trainers. Getting right shoes saved me a lot of hassle!

Where exactly is Peak District?

It’s mostly located in northern Derbyshire and covers 555 square miles! Now you know what I meant with planning your trip wisely. If you are traveling by car from London area, it should take you approx. 3 hours to get there (traffic free).

source: google maps

Day 1

We started our trip from Dovedale, where we spent almost an hour in traffic – trust me, it’s worth it. We left the car and went for a 7 hour walk in the mountains. Our first point was a place called ‘Stepping Stones’, which are literally large stones laid on the river to allow you to cross to the other side. I won’t sprinkle any glitter on it, it wasn’t the best experience as the queue for the famous stones stretched for a minimum of half a kilometre. Once you decide to skip queuing to this attraction (which only takes few seconds), you can choose several interesting trails. The possibilities are endless!

Beautiful landscape, juicy green grass and lush blue sky, we couldn’t have asked for better weather! 

Heading towards the Reynards Cave, you can go down along the river – this route is definitely easier. We chose to head to the top and follow a bit longer and varied paths.

Day 2

Day two was dedicated to Castleton and the Mam Tor hike. Yet again we took for granted the size of the area. As with the previous location, there are plenty of trails and mountains to hike.聽聽

The strong wind, which for us was a pure blessing in the open sky, was perfect for those using paragliders. 

The hike to the highest point of the Peak District, Kinder Scout, was a bit of a challenge, although I am one of those people who prefer to climb mountains rather than walk down from them. Luckily, not too many people got to experience me walking down like a reversed spider! 馃槈 

If you like being active, the Peak District is the place for you. I will definitely go back there as we were so enchanted by the views that we didn’t have enough time to visit places like Bakewell or Buxton. Not to mention the other mountains and Monsal Dale, where the Headstone viaduct is located. Leave a comment if you have any questions. I hope I’ve made you at least a little curious about the place!

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  1. Yeah this is very nice .. I went there with you 馃槀 I wonder where is the lovely picture of you walking like a reversed spider? 馃挌馃挌
    It was a great trip! Looking forward for more this year!

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