Mirów, Warsaw – the place of glass & steel

Summer is in its full mode in Warsaw and it is the best time to explore the city. I may be biased as I come from Warsaw, but I think this place is getting better and better with every year!
This weekend I met with my close friend and went for a walk in Mirów, which is a business hub in Wola district. I remember when the Palace of Culture and Since was the tallest building in the city centre. Now, the iconic building is hidden between modern skyscrapers that are getting more and more bold in their shape.

Świętokrzyska & Emilia Plater Streets

Świętokrzyska street is one of the main streets in the central Warsaw. Currently the street is renovated, has spacious pavement for pedestrians, designated cycling lines and good traffic system. There’s plenty of cosy cafes and restaurants as well as tasty ice creams (just outside of the underground exit).
Emilia Plater street runs along the Palace of Culture and Science as well as a famous shopping mall Golden Terraces (Złote Tarasy). Whilst there, you can hide from the sun in a small park that runs on one side of the square.

United Nations Roundabout

What I love about Warsaw is that modern architecture is mixing with old buildings that still remember war / post war times. Especially this area used to be part of the ghetto during the war. If you have a chance, visit the Polin Museum – it’s a great place to understand how the city has changed.

European Union Sq

Take a couple of hours and head to the Warsaw Uprising Museum which is in this neighbourhood. This is my favourite Museum in Warsaw and I can highly recommend a visit. You can find there different exhibitions as well as a wall – the heart of the museum, with sounds of battle and heartbeats.

Business & Greenery

Hope you enjoyed this trip around the business hub. What I appreciate is that regardless of the growth and the amount of new skyscrapers, Warsaw still offers a bit of greenery between them. As I mentioned, summer is the perfect time to visit Warsaw, but if you choose a different season, you can still enjoy that space and explore lovely & cosy cafes hidden between those building.

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